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Mother Nurture

I created the Mother Nurture program because in my practice as a counsellor and my life as a mother and friend, I have seen too many women silently hurting and heartbroken over the fact they feel so many things they weren't prepared for: resentment, guilt, anger, sadness and grief.
There is also this dangerous misconception that our maternal instinct will kick in and everything will be fine - blissful even. But it's not always, not for everyone and that is absolutely fine.

Mother Nurture gives you a safe space to explore these feelings and offers practical support to manage your way through it.

Lauren Walker 

Creator & Facilitator

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Mother Nurture : About

Who is Mother Nurture for? 

The program is designed for mothers of children aged from 0 - 5 years. However, you will be placed with other people who have babies or children the same age as yours. That way we can tailor the program content to the needs of the group and those needs change as children get older.
We come to motherhood in many different ways, with different experiences. We welcome women from same sex relationships, the LGBTIQ+ community and those who have adopted, fostered or gone through surrogacy.

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Mother Nurture : Welcome

Mother Nurture program details 

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Is it online or in-person? 

Mother Nurture is an online program for now. We'll have live group sessions using video conferencing.
With COVID regulations changing and uncertainty around masks and vaccination requirements, we've decided it's better for the health and safety of our participants to hold virtual groups.
Your individual session can be help by phone or video.

We have 8 group sessions - one every fortnight and on the 'off weeks' when there is no group then you can have an individual session with me.

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What topics are covered? 

Part one

  • How change changes us and why our reactions surprise us .

  • Values: big life change brings new meaning to what we value.

  • What do you value now and is there a mismatch with your partner?

Part two

  • The myths of motherhood and why nappy commercials make us feel inferior

  • Why it’s okay to grieve your old life and want everyone to stop touching you – even your baby.

  • Anxiety, guilt, overwhelm and stress: why do these feeling escalate in early motherhood and how can we manage them?

Part three

  • Relationship changes: why relationships change when you have a baby and why it feels like you’re suddenly questioning everything.

  • Why resentment builds and ways to come back from it.

  • How you can work together as a team. 

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Payment and plans 

The total investment is $500. This includes all group and individual sessions – that’s 16 weeks of dedicated support just for you.
As a comparison - if you were to see a psychologist or counsellor for 16 weeks, you could pay up to $3520.
We’ve based the price for Mother Nurture on the average gap you pay for these services which is around $50 per session.
Payment plans are available, just let us know when you enrol.

Mother Nurture : Resources and Tips
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